There's spring turkey hunters, then there's fall turkey hunters.Turkey hunting dogs literally flyThere's nothing better than watching a bird dog work our native wild grouse, woodcock, or a covey of quail. Much of that action occurs within 50 yards. Then there's the wild turkey. A wild turkey would rather run than fly and turkeys don't fear dogs they can see. Usually, when flocks of turkeys see a dog or a hunter enter the woods, they back off 100 to 150 yards and watch from a distance. A dog has to accelerate to get a turkey to flush. When they can't outrun the dog, they finally fly, but not until the dog is about to catch their tail.

Once the dog smells or sees a turkey, that's just the beginning. A turkey hunting dog has to locate the flock with all six senses, using their eyes, ears, nose, brain and intuition, to pressure every single bird in the flock fast enough to force them to fly.
The dog quickly makes a lot of decisions, regarding the intensity of the scent, the distance, the speed, obstructions and direction. Possibly for the next hour, until all of the flock are off the ground (Fall flocks can be large). If the dog leaves one turkey on the ground, the hunter's calls might be futile, for the turkeys in the trees will ignore the hunter's calls and fly down to the real bird instead, ruining all of the dog's hard work and the hunter's efforts.

One essential difference between other upland bird dogs and turkey hunting dogs is;
they enthusiastically bark on a hot track and vociferously on a flush. A dog barking on a flock of wild turkeys flushing is something to see and hear. The dog is loud and the birds are big, strong and fast (and they're the only upland bird that can be called back to the gun). Sight hounds have the Greyhound. Scent hounds have the Bloodhound. Terriers have the Airedales and Jagdterriers. Sporting dogs have the Turkey Dogs.

There's bird dogs, then there's Turkey Dogs.
Meet the rarest bird dogs in the country, hunting the grandest of all game birds:
Jon Freis' WI turkey dog Keena. Cur x walker x lab x tri-color rough collieGary Bunofsky's Ohio turkey dog GiaBill Mantle's PA boykin turkey dog CutterMarlin Watkin's OH turkey dog CutterMike Joyner's NY Weimaraner turkey dog TrooperGratten Hepler's VA brittany turkey dog Missy
Dave Edge's WI gordon setter turkey dog KeitaTodd Clemens WV brittany turkey dog Kee KeeJob Seger's NY turkey dog GunnerDrew Cashatt's VA Wire Haired Pointing Griffon turkey dog OttoJon Freis WI turkey dog Lucky from VirginiaEddie William's KY turkey dog BelleRob Mucinski's PA turkey dog GageNathan Beaston's PA golden retriever turkey dog CooperMarlin Watkin's OH turkey dog KeeKeeGary Bunofsky's AL, KY & OH turkey dog SugarBarry Barns PA Yellow LabCharlie Elk's WI vizsla turkey dog VicMike Morrell's brother's VA turkey dog Sam (Gracie's brother)Tom McMurray's VA chocolate lab turkey dog MaggieEd Watson's WV turkey dog PixieEd Morris's VA turkey dog WoodyKarl Leslein's IA turkey dog PhoebeFrederick Payne's VA llewellin setter turkey dog DrakeJon Freis's WI via KY turkey dog TannerMarlin Watkins OH german shorthair turkey dog Morgan
Larry Case's WV turkey dogs Kota & PatchesLarry Case - WV turkey dog BuckMichael Christensen's NE turkey dog MaxCharles Hartman NY Flat Coated Retriever turkey dogs Marley and KipGary Flynn's OH german shorthair turkey dog SophieKenny Wayne Kishman's KY black labrador turkey dog Daisie MaeEarl Sechrist's VA brittany turkey dog JakeFrederick Payne's VA Llewellin turkey dogs Hawkins and Ralegh
Ontario hunter Dave Reid's turkey dog Turk an English Cocker SpanielOntario English cocker Spaniel Lady - Dave Reid's turkey dogOntario turkeyRandy Carter's VA turkey dog BusterRandy Carter's VA turkey dog ShilohRandy Carter's VA turkey dog Bear
“There are three paramount essentials in a bird dog - he must have a good nose; he must have brains to direct his nose; he must have the physical ability to carry his nose and brains around... Suppose we had bred Doughboy to Becky Broomhill and Becky should whelp six puppies... train two of them as wild turkey dogs... train two of them as shooting dogs... train two of them for the field trials...” M. D. Hart, Virginia Chief of Conservation, 9/25/1927 
The only upland bird dogs that get to run for 4 months in fall and 3 months in spring.
There's one thing the best dogs have in common. Join the club and you'll find out what that is.
Randy Carter's VA turkey dog Meggie'dropper' turkey dogWV dropper turkey dogWI black lab multi purpose turkey hunting dogchocolate lab hunts pheasant, grouse, woodcock and turkeyFinest Appalachian turkey hunting dog in VirginiaRon Magnano's famous New York state turkey dogs
Virginia's famous turkey dog GracieVirginia turkey dog BaileyBrouck Sleight's Wisconsin turkey dog Lab X GreyhoundBill Roder's northern Wisconsin turkey dog Mr T - Pointer X BrittanyBill Roder's Golden X Labrador pup BJPride of Virginia - Stonewall JacksonTravis Byrd's KY turkey dog MickMike Morrell's Virginia turkey dog Bailey 2014
Brouck Sleight's WI turkey dog Fisher - Greyhound X Lab, good looking, fast, with a hounds voice.Nicholas Dalasio's Virginia and Pennsylvania Turkey DogMark Lininger's California turkey dog from the Richard Rose kennel in VirginiaRichard Rose kennel Gordon setter, English setter & pointer VA turkey dogBeautiful black setter pointer dropper Virginia turkey dogKentucky turkey hunter uses dropper dog from VirginiaA Carter Family Original - My Dixie DarlingTim Hoden's dropper Virginia turkey hunting dog
Gathright's Virginia turkey dogs Father and SonGathright's Virginia turkey dog JebBeautiful Llewellin Settter Virginia Turkey Dog PuppyLlewellin turkey dog from VirginiaObedient, far-ranging Golden Retriever northern WI turkey hunting dogCogar's Wachtelhund Jäger3 month old Kentucky dropper originally from Virginia
Bill Kemp's turkey dog Marvin, of Ontario Canada
Virginia dropper turkey dog Fredericksburg, VAdeceased matron of Fredericksburg, VA turkey dogsFredericksburg, VA turkey dog puppyBlind for fall turkey hunting with a dog in VirginiaWisconsin turkey dog Fisher from PardeevillePaul Brantley's Alabama & Wisconsin Boykin RemingtonJeff Gardner's Virginia dropper Buck
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” Milan Kundera
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Other bird dogs envy the way turkey dogs get to run.
We buy uninhibited young setters and pointers that run big (800 yards) and bark without encouragement.
If you have a young, mouthy dog that doesn't want to hold point, they might make a great turkey dog. Top prices paid, call 920-776-1272.
Turkey hunting dogs will stack them like cordwoodDammit All - names of dogsChoosing a name for your dog.
"Since turkey dogs originated in Virginia and being southern reared myself, I use the Southern tradition of calling my dogs by their middle name. For convenience, they all have the same first name, so when I say: "Come, damnit", they all do.
It's especially charming to call them by their full name: Damnit Buster, Damnit Jenny, Damnit Jake, Damnit Patch or Damnit Princess. Sorta rolls off the tongue natural like. Makes a feller tear up 'n ask fer another mint julep." JW - Texas (where we name Beers after our dogs: Dammit Jim)
Statue of Alvin York in TN State CapitolVirginia cave painting of turkey hunter with dog The traditional method is to scatter the turkeys, then call them back in, so you have a close range, standing or walking head shot. While you can shoot turkeys on the flush, the excitement is hearing the majestic bird walk and talk, as he stalks your call. We try to dispatch the royal bird with one shot to the head, because we like our birds without one pellet in the leg, thigh or breast. 
Native Tennessee sharpshooter Sergeant Alvin C. York was champion of the turkey-shooting matches (they had to shoot turkeys in the head). Alvin went on to receive the Medal of Honor for his attack on a 32 gun German machine gun nest, killing 25 German soldiers, and capturing 132. Movie of the turkey shoot.
When cleaning your birds, look for the Turkey Oysters, those choice, flavorful, juicy little parts the French trappers and traders called sot-l'y-laisse.
How to train your bird dog for hunting wild turkey by Jon L Freis 2013turkeys in the cornLearn about these special bird dogs for hunting wild turkey. Join the club:
Wild Turkey Dogs: Tips on Choosing, Training and Hunting. Includes 'Training a Turkey Dog' by Parker Whedon. 5th Edition, March 2018
Includes secrets of the old days and contributions from 100's of turkey dog hunters.
The breeding of the original Virginia type turkey dog has always been a well kept family secret. There's still some breeding the traditional turkey dogs, then there's others who tried different ones, in a wide variety of habitat and terrain. Join the club, read the book and find the best dog for you.

Ya Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around by Gid Tanner & His Skillet LickersAiredale, Boykin, Brittany Spaniel, Dropper, English, Feist, Gordon & Llewellin setters, English Cocker Spaniel, English pointer, Flat-Coated Retriever, German shorthair pointer, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Irish Terrier, Labradors - Black, Yellow, Chocolate, Mountain Cur, Plott, Treeing Walker, Tri-Color Rough Collie, Vizsla, Wachtelhund, Wire Haired Pointing Griffon, Weimaraner, Whippet
Proof dogs are smarter than people department: Dog has it's human do the work. Look how smart dogs are. Dogs undertand more than we think.
Are dogs smarter than cats? Do we have any Search & Rescue cats, Police-Cats, or Seeing-Eye Cats? Enough said.
They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around - Listen to the old time string band, or listen to these artists. This one really gets my dog worked up.
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