Scrimshaw bull hornHunting, dogs and horns go back to our humble beginnings. I've been intrigued with hunting horns every since I was a young man when I saw fox and deer hounds trained to the horn and again later when I read Howard Harlan's book 'Turkey Calls an Enduring American Folk Art' where it was told Tom Turpin used the horn as a signaling device in the fall woods. I've made several horns and used one of them this past fall to call my turkey dog off a deer and again to call in a lost hunter. I have every intention of using mine as a locator call this spring and have no doubts that it will work.
I made and donated this horn to help pay for the website 'American Wild Turkey Hunting Dog Association' that has been instrumental in educating hunters about Turkey Dogs and it just goes good with our fight to preserve hunting for future generations. This Horn is hand made from raw horn. It's approximately 13 inches long with a Desert Ironwood mouthpiece and Scrimshaw art work and those that have heard it will attest to it's volume. L. F. Cox               Click on pictures to enlarge.
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mountain man ben
                  lilly dogsThis one of a kind hunting horn sold on eBay March 2006. A portion was donated to 'Hunting For A Cure' to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The balance paid for letter writing campaigns promoting turkey dogs, complimentary books to legislators and Fish & Game dept. officials, postage, office supplies, window clings, books, etc. By January 2007 it's all spent, and then some. We're grateful to L. F. Cox for his benevolent contribution, his old hunter
                  and his dogscommitment to hunting, and the confidence he's shown in the AWTHDA. Without Frank's encouragement and contribution it would have been very difficult to continue as long as we have. We spend thousands every year promoting turkey dogs. If you're reading this site and haven't made a contribution yet, make a difference and make one now. The AWTHDA has been developed, promoted and maintained entirely by the voluntary efforts of our members. Our tireless and passionate endeavors to encourage interest in the use of dogs for fall turkey hunting not only entertain, but has affected legislation in Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, to mention a few. Your donation helps support the continued organization and execution of  the AWTHDA. Make a Contribution Now. The hunters of the future will thank you for conserving our heritage. Photo courtesy Steve Turpin.
turkey dog radio 4turkey dog radio 5turkey dog radio 6
The last of the Mountain Men, Ben Lilly traveled light, carrying only an axe, a tin can, matches, a horn to call his dogs,
his rifle, cartridges, dog chains and a little corn meal and sugar. The Ben Lilly Legend by J. Frank Dobie
Ben Lilly's Tales of Bears, Lions and Hounds by Ben Lilly
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