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"The fall hunt will never be as popular as the spring, because the fall hunt is a lot more work. In the fall, the turkey is not sitting out there on a limb, telling the world where he is!" Larry Case
15,000 years ago, our hunter and gatherer ancestors domesticated dogs. It's only the last 200 years we became laborers and office workers. 
To hunt bighorn sheep, we use saddle horses and pack mules. For goats, mountaineering gear. For mature wild turkey gobblers, the finest bird dogs on earth.
Sight hounds have the Greyhound. Scent hounds have the Bloodhound. Terriers have Airedales and Jagdterriers. The sporting group has the Turkey Dogs.
AWTHDA Wild Turkey Dog BookChoosing, Training and Hunting Turkeys with a Dog, by Jon L. Freis - Fifth Edition, Revised March 2018.

Includes Training a Turkey Dog by Parker Whedon, secrets of the old days, with contributions from 100's of turkey dog hunters.

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