Haven the Airedale and Oliver the Irish Terrier"My Airedale Haven is doing well for an 8 yr. old. She has developed a 'bone spur.' However, thanks to a good vet and the medication working well, she is doing fine. This past fall I was lucky enough to get permission to hunt on two small cherry orchards. Our biggest problem were the foxes, who also like turkeys and eggs. Also, Airedales like to hunt fox and so she was distracted part of the time. Gary 1/24/2011
I've had three Airedales. The first two I got as pups. My latest is from Airedale Rescue. She was about 1-1/2 when I got her. I went to Rescue because I felt I was too old to go through puppyhood again. I knew she was special when I learned she not Irish Terrier turkey hunteronly chased squirrels, but caught & killed them in seconds. Possums & Coons were her next prey. I started her on turkeys because I noticed her interest in larger ducks & geese. 1/28/11
I added a new addition to my 'household.' I was planning on getting another Airedale from Rescue. However, they couldn't find the right sex & age. My girl is 9+ and so, I needed a male about 4+ So, while they continued the search, I looked at other rescue groups. I found a 4 1/2 yr. old Irish Terrier. I may have turkey dog Irish Terrierfound the Best Kept Secret in the Dog World. Great little hunters. Along with the Airedale, they were used by the Brits in WWI and are intelligent, bark less then most terriers, and are great. I've had him now for 2 months, and will start him on some training. I've chatted with some hunters I know and learned they even make good retrievers. He was named Oliver, but I mostly call him 'the little guy.' Remember my Airedale is 103 nonfat lbs. and Oliver is 37 pounds. We will see how he does.  Funny, the AKC says they are not eligible for Earthdog competition. Actually, he is big for an Irish, but my Vet could feel his ribs. He will probably never 'go to ground' because of size, but with training should be able to handle all vermin outside the hole. 8/8/11
Oliver came from an All-Breed Rescue group around here called Second Chance Companions. I was surfing various rescue sites and saw his picture. Couldn't believe an Irish Terrier was there. Outside of a dog show, I've only seen one. I, of course, had to apply, but I was lucky. Rescue DogAiredale Rescue vouched for me and so the investigation of me and my home was short. He is a victim of the economy. His family had to move across the country and couldn't take him. He was castrated, his tail was docked and is held high, ears are perfect. He learned quickly not to snap at my Airedale. She taught him that he was being 'impolite.' His family told me that he does hunt moles. I can testify that he is intelligent, a good companion, and after several hikes in a wilderness area near my home, he does have a hunting instinct.
Haven (the Airedale) is doing well. My Vet put her on an anti-inflammatory (Meloxicam), and it works great at keeping the pain of her bone spur down. Oliver now hunts squirrels with her. Let me add, that she is my third Airedale but the first that can catch squirrels. The outcome is quick and merciful. Our Fall Turkey Season starts 10-15 till 12-31. I can't even buy my permit until September." Gary Perlstein Lake Oswego, OR 8/15/11 Irish Terrier
In memory of Gary Perlstein February 7, 1940 to March 1, 2016 and his terriers.

Gary contributed the story and pictures above in November 2008. He never said he was a Professor, or a widely recognized, leading authority. I only knew he hunted turkeys with rescued Terriers. He was such a loyal supporter, his last $10 annual auto-payment went through a week after he died. When it didn't go through in March 2017 and he didn't answer the phone, I found his obituary said he died a year ago. Gary was 76, had no siblings, married twice, no children.

In Gary's last emails to the AWTHDA, he talked about his dogs:

"Sadly, my Airedale, Haven, took her trip to the 'Rainbow Bridge' recently. She was 13 and had been on anti-inflammatories plus pain medicine for about three years. So, a new breed will start his hunting this fall. Oliver is an Irish Terrier. He is also adopted." Gary 8/27/14

"Good to hear from you. Oliver is doing fine and he is learning a great deal about hunting from Haven. I keep in coGary Perlstein - friend of the Airedalesntact with terrier people in Great Britain & Ireland. Many of them feel that the Irish Terrier has become only a house pet. My experience leads me to believe that the breeding of nonworkers (only show & house pets) has caused the problem. However, the basic hunting instinct is still there. When I first got Oliver he didn't even chase squirrels. Being with Haven has allowed him to learn to hunt. Considering her age and bad back Haven is doing great. Our Vet for the last two years has thought that she was 'on her last legs.' Well, happily she is still doing well. She has to take pain pills, but they work.

No, we didn't get a chance to go hunting this year. My fault!!! 9 years ago I had a bad heart attack. Three weeks in the hospital, but was basically back to normal when I was released. In July of this year one of my Drs decided I should have some very minor surgery done. Well they discharged me. Unfortunately, no one must have read the lab report and my lungs were full of fluid. Needless to say, my breathing was terrible. Finally in late November my Cardiologist decided to try a new pill. It worked. So, I am looking forward to the Fall season. I'll try and get some decent pictures for you." Gary 3/9/14.

Gary Perlstein was a professor at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. Rest in peace Gary Perlstein, thank you for the many contributions to our country.
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