American turkey hunting dogCopyRight 2012-Jon Freis-Speed Limit 15 MPHUS turkey hunting dogStrong is good. Happy is good. Smart is good. Lucky is even better!
Carter's Virginia Hurricane Lucky Lady Freis - AKA Lucky.
Conceived June 30, 2011 in Virginia. Her mother Shiloh survived record drought and heat from June 10 to August 27, a 5.8 magnitude Earthquake on August 23, the 100 mph Hurricane Irene on August 27 with record rainfall August 28. Widespread power outage August 28, 2011. Born September 2, 2011. She was Lucky to make it. Lucky moved to Wisconsin November 4, 2011 - where we always give turkeys a brake →→→    
Lucky at 8 weeksTraditional old style Appalachian turkey dog from Virginia's Randy Carter
Lucky is a high energy, old style turkey dog,
carefully bred for centuries by dedicated hunters in Virginia.

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Photos 2012 AWTHDA

Mineral VA Earthquake 8/23/2011Hurricane Irene TrackHurriance Irene RainfallHurricane Irene Threat LevelHurricane Irene Wave HeightsHurricnae Irene Wind ImpactHurricnae Irene Wind Speed MapHurricane Irene Map Track
Lucky's puppy pictures - 9 to 12 weeks old:
Lucky lands in Green Bay WILucky in air carrierLucky in WisconsinFirst snowfall
first snow for appalachian virginia turkey dog pupLucky and KeenaLucky in trainingLucky charging
Appalachian turkey dog pointingLucky's right sideLuckys bottom side for IDLucky at 3 months old
The weather Lucky endured so young has nothing to do with her drive, but she's wired as if it did. She hunts full bore all the time, just like her parents Buster and Shiloh. I hunted with her daddy Buster when he was 13 and he had the energy of a 3 year old. When the tailgate drops, these dogs are gone a 1/4 mile or more in a minute, at a steady lope. They routinely check back, unless they find turkeys, when they bark like mad. The last picture above right is Lucky at 3 months old December 2, 2011.
Lucky Lady - Maribel WIWisconsin turkey hunting dog LuckyPointer Setter Plott turkey dog from Wisconsinwild turkey hunting dog from WisconsinChampion Appalachian turkey dog in Wisconsin
Lucky enjoying the snow in January 2012 at four and a half months old.
roading dogs with atvTurkey Dog on top of High Cliff State Parkhow much is that doggie in the windowturkey dog in the windowturkey dogs make wonderful house dogs, for a batchelor
Lucky in training from April to September '12 (when she turned 1 y.o.). She's not one to be under your feet.
Turkey dog wearing her orange vestturkey gobblers in wisconsinturkey dog loading up into the truckBest looking turkey dog in the countryPrettiest turkey hunting dog in the world
Lucky runs deep like the Gordon Setter and English Pointer that she is. When she barks, she's found
the turkeys and is getting each and every one off the ground. A pleasure to hunt with and look at (click to enlarge).
Training September 2012
turkey dog with orange vesthitch platform for turkey dog to jump in the truckVirginia turkey dog after 6 mile runSUV dog fence separator
September 2012 - she gets out there!
Garmin Astro 320 says dog is 3/4 mile outGarmin Astro shows complete tracks of turkey dogbest site in the world - my turkey hunting dog coming inbig running turkey dog still raring to go after 10 mile run
Hunting October 2012 - the first of many turkeys with Lucky. Keena is glad for the help.
Training and hunting 2013 and 2014
Best Virginia Turkey Hunting Dog now in WisconsinBest turkey hunting dog in WisconsinSetter Pointer Plott Hound Turkey Dogturkey hunting dogs have to be fast
She's so fast, it's hard to get a good picture.
turkey hunting dogs in wisconsinmost popular new hunting opportunity in the USexercise the hunting dogsTurkey hunting dog with high prey drive
More eye candy:
Wisconsin opening day fall turkey seasonanother hard earned turkeyHope you see that barbed wire, dog!turkey dog hunting on snow
This Virginia dog doesn't care if it's 10 degrees outside, if there are turkeys around.
another successful winter turkey huntLucky Wisconsin turkey dog gets hunters a winter turkey2 WI turkey dogs got 8 winter turkeys2 turkey hunting dogs got 5 WI turkeys
Click here if you want a dog like her.
The Fall 2015 season. Lucky is in her prime, a joy to hunt with and look at.
LUCKY DOG WITH 2 FALL TURKEYSWorld famous turkey hunting dog got 4 wild turkeys just on one hunt with her owner in Wisconsin.The best turkey hunting dog in the world scattered the turkeys for this WI hunter so he could call them back in.The best turkey hunting dog in the world is named Lucky, she's in WI and got us 9 turkeys this day.The famous VA & WI turkey hunting dog named Lucky did 7 miles at 12 mph on this hunt and we got 6 turkeys.
A 6 turkey day in the rain in Wisconsin in DecemberLucky hunting turkeys in WI at Christmas timeHunting wild turkeys in WI with a dog over the holidays.This dog is so fast she catches rabbits by herself.
The prettiest looking wild turkey hunting dog on planet Earth.The fastest wild turkey hunting dog in the United States of America.The smartest wild turkey hunting dog in the country.
The turkeys can't see this camoflouged hunting dog in a snowstorm.This beautiful turkey hunting dog disappears in a Wisconsin snowstorm.This turkey hunting dog is so fast it will disappear in a blinding snowstorm.
Wisconsin Fall & Winter 2016
2 Wisconsin wild turkeys with LuckyThe best turkey hunting dog in the countryHigh speed turkey dogTrack a dog makes finding and flushing turkeys
Prettiest bird dog in the country ready to hunt wild turkeysAnother wild turkey with the best dog in the worldFastest and prettiest turkey hunting dog in Wisconsin and probably the world
1 dog got 3 hunters 3 turkeys in WisconsinDog hunting wild turkeys in the swampDog hunting wild turkey in deep snow in WisconsinDog runs over 8 miles at over 13 mph in 10" of snow to find wild turkeys
Dan Small's Outdoor Wisconsin hunting turkeys with a dog in the snowHunting wild turkeys on the snow in Wisconsin with Dan Small, Shane Simpson, Jon Freis and Lucky

Winter Solstice  
turkey hunt provides holiday dinner
by Dan Small.

Courtesy Dan Small & Wisconsin Outdoor News
Fall & Winter 2017
The most turkeys are in WisconsinBest turkey hunting is in WIwild turkey dinner

hunting turkey in OctoberIt's not real hunting without a dogOctober in WisconsinThe best turkey dog in the countryThe best turkey dog is also the prettiest
Fall turkeys aren't molting and have all their feathersFour turkey day with the best dog in the worldWisconsin winter wild turkey huntHunting turkeys with a dog is most interestingHunting anything with a dog is more fun than withoutLucky's #17 turkey in fall of 2017
"I spent all my money on dogs and hunting. If I had it to do all over again, I'd do it the same." Jon Freis - Maribel, WI 1/1/18
Landline: 920-776-1272. Electronic Mail
Finally, Lucky doesn't have to do all the work. She got some much appreciated help in 2018 from two young dogs:
Carroll's Turkey Dog Kennel Club Suki and Rose's Virginia Red.
Lot's of memories, every picture's got a good story.
Red and Black dogs with the birdRed dog with the turkeyDog catches turkeyDog caught turkey
Appalachian turkey dog in WisconsinTurkey dog runs full speedhunt Wisconsin turkeys in winterSecrets to hunting Wisconsin turkeys in winter
"The best thing about hunting and fishing,' the Old Man said, 'is that you don't have to actually do it to enjoy it.
You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight."
 "The Old Man's Boy Grows Older," 1957 - Robert Ruark
2 young dogs with the turkeyRed's turkeyRerieving the tom turkeyOld dog trains the young ones.Dog admires her turkeyA four turkey dayWild turkey hanging in Indian teepeeWinter turkey hunter
With all the snow this season, we had the long underwear on so long it hurts to take it off, when the hair grew right through the fabric.
Fall and Winter 2019.
Some years everything goes right. This year it was all uphill, forgot to put a shell in the chamber a few times, left the dog tracker on all night (dead battery), walked downwind instead of up, got lost and my feet hurt. In June I carried water for the trees, after that it was too wet. If it wasn't for Suki showing me where the dead turkey is laying, might not have found it in the flooded woods (1st one below). Other pictures of the year:
Dog finds turkey in swampAKC Champion3 dog tieUKC Championpoetry in motion
ND, SD, MN, WI and MI had their wettest year on record in 2019, according to NOAA (since records were first kept in the late 1800's). It may have been too deep to cross a stream, too windy for the dog to catch a scent, too much snow, or too cold. But for farmers it was catastrophic.
High energy bird dogHigh speed bird dogQueen of the Bird DogsRed Setter turkey doghunting turkeys in the swamp
Pictured below, Suki and Red are feeling rich after their first bath. Washed off the skunk they had fun chasing.
washing the skunk off the dogsBeautiful bird dog3 dogs 2 turkeys
"Rich, 'the Old Man said dreamily, 'is not baying after what you can't have. Rich is having the time to do what you want to do. Rich is a little whiskey to drink and some food to eat and a roof over your head and a fish pole and a boat and a gun and a dollar for a box of shells. Rich is not owing any money to anybody, and not spending what you haven't got." Robert Ruark
Fall and Winter 2020
When hunting turkeys with a dog, half the fun is watching the turkeys outsmart the hunters. The other half is watching the dogs outsmart the turkeys. Turkeys aren't afraid of dogs, they can outrun most of them. And fly away when they can't.
3 Virginia turkey dogs in WisconsinWhoa dogsGood looking bird dogsfast dogsGordon Setter
Wild TurkeysBlack dogs are fastesthunting turkeysRed dogs fly in the cornTurkey hunter
This year we were rooting for the turkeys. Between Avian Pox, LPDV, predators, and so many people out of work because of the pandemic (Spring and Fall), the turkeys got extra pressure. When we hunt them with dogs, if we don't get one, that's ok.
We did our part to help the population, kind of like Catch and Release, but for turkeys.
Twenty times the fun, saves twenty times the turkeys.
Thanksgiving turkeyBlack dogs are smarterLooks like the Deliverance shack, dueling banjos.High speed turkey dogWild turkey flying over
Classic fall woodlandSuki at the riverWild turkey up in the treeRed looking up in the treesTurkey flying over
Anyone concerned about the turkey population should hunt them in Fall, when the vast majority of the magnificent birds get away.
In Spring they say: "That's beautiful, let's kill it." In Fall we say: "That's beautiful, watch this." Join the Club.
Save the Dogs. Save the Turkeys.
Turkey dogs don't chase deerTurkey dog in a snowstormTurkey flying highBlack and Red turkey dogsRare fall turkey harvest
 Questions & comments.
Highlights of the 2021 Fall and Winter season (Sept. 18 - Jan. 9, 2022), including predator control and finding unusual things in the woods. Like a big dusting area, a Green Heron, a Great Blue Heron rookery and a 4 y.o. turkey hunter, on a very cold day - 1/3/2022.
coon killerracoon in dog-proof trapturkey dogs hate coonsthere's a turkey up therethere's the turkey
Lost boot in swampBoot sucked off in muck.Both boots lost in the mud.Whole field of wild turkey dusting bowls.Migrating Green Heron.
Fall turkey hunter crossing the creek.Fall turkey hunter carrying a blind and chair.Fall turkey hunter hears something high up in the trees.Turkey dog crossing the river.Turkey dog hunting by the cabin in the woods.
3 turkey dogs in the Kettle Moraine.Turkey & dog.Fall turkey hunter and dog.Beautiful turkey flying.Turkey flew up into the tree.
Turkey got away, up in the tree.Dog follows hunter with turkey over his shoulder.Great Blue Heron rookery.Dog sniffs 2 turkeys hunter is carrying.Dog scattered turkeys for 4 year old hunter.
Fall and Winter Turkey Hunting in Wisconsin, September 17, 2022 to January 8, 2023
"Hunting ain't a competition he said. You ain't trying to win any prizes. Hunting is watching the dog work, and taking it easy,
and shooting just enough, and walking slow, and enjoying the day..." The Old Man and the Boy - Robert Ruark
11 year old Virginia turkey dog still hunting WisconsinSuki the Virginia turkey dog in WisconsinRedRed made these turkeys run.Run turkeys run.Appalachian turkey dog in Wisconsin
We alternated hunting Lucky, Red or Suki every day weather permitted. First, temperatures were in the 70's, too hot to run the dogs until September 22.
Dog made this turkey fly.Turkey hunting in October.Bird dogs on wild turkey.Turkey hunting in October.Wild turkey flies away.Kentucky turkey dog in Wisconsin.
Then high winds and dry conditions made for tough scenting many days. Dogs and hunters put on a lot of miles without finding birds.
Swamp turkey huntersRunning dogBig thorn in Red's paw.Nice turkey with Suki's helpBig flock of Fall turkeys in Wisconsin.Turkey dog injured
Pulled a big thorn out of Red's paw one day. Lucky sprained her ankle and Suki got a sore paw, both needed a week or more to recover.
Wild turkeys injures dogsHunting the river bottomTurkey in a tree.Dog loves turkeydog turkey and shotgunFlushing turkeys out of the corn field.
Hunted one woods twice where gangs of toms took Lucky and Suki for a run in a boot-sucking swamp, worried they'd never come back out.
Beatiful October dayDog loving October in the woods.2 turkeys in a leafless hardwood.Fall turkey harvest.2 turkeys in an oak tree.Dogs admire turkey.
Hunting fall turkeys is mostly about watching the dogs run, and the turkeys getting away.
Crossing the creek.Turkeys fly high.Turkey up in the tree.Turkey got away again.Black dog on white snow.Red dog on snow. 
2 weeks of cold around Christmas time was so extreme, we couldn't hunt. Turkeys probably didn't come down from the roost anyway.
Then the season ended with unseasonably warm weather, snow all melted and close to 40.
Extremely cold Wisconsin weather2 dogs 2 turkeysTwin snow camo turkey hunters.1 dog 1 hunter 2 turkeysAnother turkey flies away.Get those dogs anyway.
How the vast majority of turkeys get away from dogs and hunters is as inexplicable as the mystery of such
phenomenal collective behavior as how 30,000 birds instantaneously communicate high-speed synchronous murmurations.
On some days, when it seems we'll never get a turkey, we feel like the last team to cross the finish line in the Iditarod,
who get the Red Lantern Award, in recognition of their perseverance and commitment.
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