Hunter Orange Caphunter safety orange hatamerican wild turkey dog capofficial turkey dog cap with awthda logoCaps embroidered with original Turkey Dog logo.
In Blaze Orange with camo bill, or camoflouge. Adjustable velcro strap - one size fits all. $15 + shipping. SALE - PRICES SLASHED
Order from Custom Creations of Wisconsin.
Embroidered casual cap for everyday wear in many colors, old logo only $15 + shipping, from Custom Creations of Wisconsin.
Port Side cap with turkey dog logohunter green bird dog capclasp style on back of formal hunting cap
Cap colors shown: Charcoal         -       Hunter      -    adjustable slide closure - brass buckle and grommet.
turkey dog t-shirts and sweatshirtsTurkey Dog T-ShirtsSALE - PRICES SLASHED
Short or Long Sleeve Tee shirts and Sweatshirts, lots of colors and sizes, in your choice of Old or New Logo, prices vary, by Custom Creations of Wisconsin.

Available with front and back printing option.

Dog t-shirt prevents separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, hyperness, chewing, leash pulling, problem barking.Dog T Shirt with logoShirt for calming hyper dogsDog shirt is cure for separation anxiety and thunderstormsEvery dog looks good with a Turkey Dog T-Shirt (logo on the back). A tight fitting T-shirt on a dog who suffers from Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorms and Hyperness can calm them down. Each dog is an individual, but you may also notice a difference when it comes to such behaviors as leash pulling, or problem barking. It can be an inexpensive solution to a wide variety of dog afflictions. Order bright yellow or red, for high-visibility when hunting. Choose from 7 sizes and 11 colors. $12 + shipping. Order from Custom Creations of Wisconsin.
extremely rare one of a kind turkey hunting call with dog scrimshaw $50,000 turkey callCow Horn Yelper Wild Turkey Calls by Ed Morris of Charlottesville VA.
Over 60 years of experience hunting and calling go into making these calls.

Left to right: Plain black horn $55.
Cream colored horn with a wing feather by Kelly Puckett w/hard rubber lip stop $75. Multicolored horn w/a tail feather, with hard rubber over cowhorn lip stop $65. All three with a delrin mouth piece.

$10 discount to all members of the American Wild Turkey Hunting Dog Association. Priority Mail shipping included. Ed Morris.
Kentucky Cliff Dweller - best price diaphragm turkey callsbest turkey hunitng diaghram callsCliff Dweller Calls offers their diaphragm call: One for $5, three for $12 - includes shipping. This call is a good design. You can get it all from this call; kee kees, pits, purrs, gobbler notes and raspy hen talk on both sides. For gobblers, start out blowing softly on it and you should find it easy to make gobbler notes. At an economical price too. Call the Kentucky artist Colt Peel for audio demo, construction details and to learn more about primitive man and flint-knappers: 859-396-2260. Members can view Colt's palaeontology observations here.
Watch Tim Farmer of Kentucky Afield interview Colt Peel of Jessamine County about making wing bone turkey calls.
Plus Tim Farmer visits with Colt's daddy, Nick Peel, a Kentucky knife maker who shows us some steps of crafting a knife.
Colt Peel's Cliff Dweller Calls of Nicholasville, KentuckyKentucky artist Colt Peel makes wild turkey callsColt Peel knows Cherokee & primitive man turkey calling secretsColt makes a sweet wingbone call, wrapped with deer sinew and scrimshawed the artwork with his taxidermy needle. Denny Gulvas said he made some of the best gobbler yelps he's ever heard on a wingbone. Contact Colt at Cliff Dweller Calls. Check out his Wildwood Taxidermy site.
We'll send turkey wings or tails, to train your puppy with, just for the cost of shipping. Another Member benefit.
Rear window decal - Caution Turkey Dogs Inside, Keep Back 15', turkeydog.orgRear window decal - Csution Turkey Dogs Inside, Keep Back 15', turkeydog.orgHere's a conversation piece: "What do you mean, keep back 15 feet? Well, that's because, when I open the back door, a turkey dog will fly out of there so fast, she'll knock over anything between her and the turkeys..."
Use the opportunity to introduce others to the least known and best kept hunting secret in the country. Post them anywhere you want to start a conversation.  SOLD OUT.
The lightest and best hunting and hiking boot for the money, is the Irish Setter VaprTrek 8" Big Game Boot, by the Red Wing Shoe Company. Order here: Irish Setter VaprTrek, or choose from all of Irish Setter's boots: Irish Setter Boots
Otto Step helps dogs jump up into the truck or SUVOtto Step with reflective tape and 1/2" pinThe Otto Step is a lightweight, portable platform, an 18"x16 step, for your dog to get up into an SUV or pickup truck. Fits a 2" square hitch and supports 200 lbs. Made from molded nylon and glass filled plastic, will not rust. Weighs 6 pounds, no installation required. I drilled mine out for a 1/2" pin and leave it on there full time. Also added red & white self-stick reflective tape. The top surface of the Otto Step  has a safe, non-slip texture, dogs are comfortable jumping up and down on it. Save your old dogs from having to see the Vet for their arthritic hips, back & shoulders. I got my first one in July 2010. Jon
When I needed a special carrier to transport a puppy on the airlines, I searched all over the internet to try and spend my money at a hunting dog site, but didn't find one site selling the pet carriers. If you're in need of any kind of pet supplies, go through these links and you'll be supporting the hunting dog community and the AWTHDA. Click on the special links below, thanks for your support.
The Carrier I bought had free shipping. Here's other Dog Kennels, Airline and Soft-sided Carriers to transport a puppy, hunting dog and all other pets. If you buy a Sherpa carrier, they guarantee it's accepted by the airlines.
Walkers Game Ear Muffs hearing aidDoes your dog or the youngsters hear the birds calling long before you do?
Don't know what calls to make, because you can't hear what the birds are saying?
Are you having a hard time hearing the birds calls, like a lot of us as we get older?
While behind-the-ear hearing aids cost thousands, the Walkers Game Ear muffs are more comfortable, and under $200.
Artwork by 'America's Greatest Appalachian Artist' - Kentucky native Tom J. Whitaker
Pap's Place by Tom J WhitakerIf you're looking to buy a trained dog or a pup, members can get
on the AWTHDA Reservation List.

Advertise your litter here from the time of the planned breeding, until they reach 6 months old. Everyone can be notified by email of new ads. Ad guidelines: Age, Whelping Date, Breed, Pedigree, Sex, Size, Color, Price, Qualifications, Address, Telephone, Email, Website. Place ad.
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation 2007 Print of the Year
'January Stroll' by Mark L. Kanitz

Limited edition print (300).
Signed and numbered (#179). $50 includes shipping.
#110 Matted and Framed $125 + actual shipping.
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation 2007 Print of the Year.
True Collar Worker Tom J Whitakerthe prodigal goat by tom j whitaker
Miscellaneous Category

Mules, books, calls, equipment, training supplies, vehicles, or any related items.
turkey dog outlaw badgeold turkey dog decalcollectors item american wild turkey hunting dog associationtwo turkey dog outlaw decals
Turkey dog hunting memorabilia: Dress up your vehicle with these collectable AWTHDA & Outlaw Badge decals. High quality, 5" square exterior grade decals. There were very few made, and most of them were glued to windows. Certified as original and authentic decals. The Turkey Dog Window Cling looks great on the front door glass, or like on the windshield above. Guaranteed collectibles from the founding of the turkey dog association era. $10 each includes shipping. Note: as of 1/27/14 the Outlaw Badge and the Window Cling are sold out. As of October 2020, the first AWTHDA decal is sold out too.
Many purebred dogs are genetically weak, and prone to a lifetime of disapointment and heartache. The AKC registers 180 purebreds, and the UKC registers over 300 purebreds. If you're considering a purebred, linebred, inbred, or whatever someone calls their dogs - watch this expose. Here's the full BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Consider rescueing a puppy or young dog from the pound that has some bird dog ancestry. Fifty percent of the dogs in the United States are mixed breeds, and there's very few dogs that will beat a good mutt for healthiness and longevity. 2013 study of 27,000 dogs.
Feed your new puppy, and adult dogs, a holistic type dog food. If you don't think holistic dogfood is better than corn or wheat-based dogfood, do two tests. First compare the indestructible scat from the corn and wheat-based dogfood (it comes out looking petrified and won't decompose). Then offer your pup a choice, put down two samples, one of corn/wheat-based dogfood, and another of holistic dogfood, and let the dog tell you if there's any difference. Which would you rather eat? Poor diet will explain many dogs short and illness plagued lives.
"I like a bit of mongrel myself, whether it's a man or a dog; they're the best for everyday." George Bernard Shaw
hunting dogs in shade under pickup truckSend your ad to the Turkey Dog Classifieds. We reserve the right to refuse any ads.

While we prescreen these ads, we are not responsible for any purchases made through this website.

Read about whether you should get a dog or become a breeder.
Artwork by 'America's Greatest Appalachian Artist' - Kentucky native Tom J. Whitaker
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