Tales of turkey dogsFor everything you want to know about fall turkey hunting with dogs, and a few just for fun, click on the links below.
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How long do I cook a turkey - turkey cook time and temperature.
1. Fall Hunting Techniques by Robert Ramsdal
2. Fall turkey hunting - another upland opportunity by Linda Gallagher
3. Hit the ridges for fall hunting with an Appalachian turkey dog By Rick Brockway
4. Boykin Spaniels: The Hunting Dog That Fits
5. Hunting with turkey dogs By Craig Lamb
6. Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association
7. Strategies for Second-Season Gobblers by Dan Small
8. There's little better than hunting fall turkeys with a good dog By Steve Hickoff
9. The ‘Other’ Turkey Season by Jim Casada Books by Jim Casada Website
10. Turkeys for Kids
11. Turkey Hunting Goes to the Dogs By Johnny Dwyer
12. Genealogical map reveals 10 top dogs
13. Dogs 'evolved from handful of wolves'
14. Magnificent Mutts - Mixed-Breed 'Doodle' Dogs Are All the Rage
15. Chat NWTF.org
16. Primos Cabin Chat
17. Lake-Link.com
18. Tail docking
19. National Wild Turkey Federation 20. Wisconsin Chapter NWTF
21. Designer Mutts
22. Gretch the turkey dog
23. Ron Pyle's Brittany
24. Big Al's Cocker Spaniel
25. First Rate Turkey Dog 26. Puppy training at Perfect Paws
27. Teaching the 'Come' command
28. Fall turkey dog 4 pages 29. Jim Bells' English Irish Gordon English turkey dog
30. Dogs understand Human language
31. Four-legged speed of a canine
32. Fall turkey hunting with a canine companion by Doug Howlett
33. Rare Winter turkey season for NC
34. NY fall 2002 Season
35. Turkey dogs (scroll down to Fall Hunting)
36. VA Autumn Quick Strike by Doug Howlett
37. Turkey Hunting with Boykin Spaniels by Dave Henderson
38. Fall Turkeys 101 by Steve Hickoff
39. Turkey Trot Acres - New York
40. Training Boykin Spaniel pups for Turkey Hunting by Chuck Warner 41. History of Breeding Strategies by Melissa E. Parsley, Parsley Glen 42. Inbreeding: by Dale Vogt, Helen A. Swartz and John Massey
43. Steve Hickoff and his turkey dog Midge on Vermont Public Television 44. Watch out for Turkeys by Joyce Bupp in the York PA Daily Record
45. Turkey beats up dog in Oberlin Ohio and attempts to rob bank in Plainfield CT
46. On the Fly with Primos pro-staffer Tommy Barham's dogs by Doug Howlett
47. Roy Moorer shot 500 wild turkeys. More about this on the History page.
48. Boykin Spaniels get their turkeys by C. Scott Sampson
49. Unique "dropper" gundogs afflict hunters with turkey dog fever.
50. Turkeytoons by R. Stubler
at turkeyhunting.com
51. Indians used turkey feathers and spurs on arrowheads.
52. 20 things you should know about fall turkeys by Brian Ruzzo
53. Spotting (dropper) turkey dogs by Bill Cochran
54. Another Hunter's Perspective
By Gary Goerke
55. Busting fall flocks with dogs from KY to MI to WV
56. This book calls the dropper "the meat-providingest dog" ever hunted.
57. In 1879 the cross-bred dropper was classified in Britain.
58. Bayou Bill said the best dog ever was a dropper named Duke.
59. Dropper origins by Terry DuPois
60. In 1889 Capt Thomas S. Blackwell finds a most excellent worker in a “dropper,” a pointer setter cross. 
61. While a dropper is a cross between a pointer and a setter, a setter is a cross between a spaniel and a pointer.
62. Baby turkey saved by blind dog in Wiscasset, Maine
63. A Dog's History of America : How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent Washington Post
64. Some hunters in Michigan even use dogs to locate and scatter the birds.
65. The First Turkey Trot is from the 1700's and Dancing Turkeys from1900.
66. The Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt: An American Tradition
67. Wild turkey plumage: iridescent riot of bronze, chestnut, emerald and purple.
68. John James Audubon's pet wild turkey remembered his dog years later.
69. Stunned gentleman says turkey almost had him for breakfast.
70. In Massachusetts, 40 pound wild turkeys take off like lumbering aircraft.
71. Insurgent wild turkeys strap on tiny backpacks & radio transmitters in guerrilla war over Maryland grapes.
72. One tactic that holds tradition much like the fall hunt itself, is busting turkey flocks with a dog.
73. Is the turkey hunt going to the dogs?
74. Four wild turkeys were served at the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving feast. 75. Turkeys could be smarter than dogs according to neuroscientists.
76. Looking like a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving.
77. In the old days, Gordon setters and Irish setters were used a lot.
78. Old time hunters in Grantsburg, WI discovered the value of a turkey dog.
79. MO turkeys are mean and chase boys who throw rocks at them.
80. That tom was the best shot in the arm a teenage boy could get.
81. Hawaii turkeys see and hear dog before its scent is picked up.
82. Golden Retriever saves New Jersey from Giant Turkeys flying 55 mph.
83. Humans are naturally sympathetic to popular robot turkey dogs of the future.
84. Turkey terrorizing town terminated.
85. Nationwide turkey overpopulation fodder for philosopher cowboy poet.
86. Bob Washburn advocates for a fall turkey dog season in NH.
87. In Billings MT a hen built a nest in a wildflower garden and had 12 poults.
88. Maryland Jack Russell turkey dog.
89. Ray Eye says calling fall turkeys is more challenging than spring turkeys.
90. Warrensburg MO honors Old Drum and Senator Vest with bronze statue.
91. War on Turkeys take precedence over War on Drugs in Berkshires.
92. Dogs are smarter than wolves, and understand better than chimpanzees.
93. Man Saves Cocker Spaniel, two weeks later Cocker Spaniel Saves Man
94. The difficulty of hunting wild turkey - from the Willits, CA Sportsmans Corner by Gary Roussan
95. Rhode Island’s first fall wild turkey hunt (November 2005) just in time for Thanksgiving.
96. National Park Service advises 1 hunter per turkey in Yosemite, or the turkeys become wary and difficult to kill.
97. Increasing number of turkeys attacking humans nationwide.
98. Turkeys are better eating in the fall because they've put on fat for the winter.
99. Turkeys in Massachusetts notoriously aggressive.
100. Missouri Fall Turkeys
101. For some reason citizens are over protective of turkeys. 102. 'strange complaints, doing damage to cars and buildings, being aggressive to humans.'
103. Dogs can smell cancer.
104. Early Man Was Hunted by Birds.
105. North Carolina winter season 2005
106. Troublesome Wisconsin turkeys moved to near Lake Superior.
107. Florida bill will allow dogs to eat in restaurants (but not hunt wild turkeys!)
108. Vicious turkeys terrorizing mailmen and children shot by Police.
108. Michigan dog chased turkey that crashed through picture window.
109. Annual September King Turkey Days Worthington MN 1940 Race Video 110. Annual October Turkeyfest & Great Gobbler Gallop Cuero Texas
111. Dog saves children from rabid fox.
112. Mean gobblers attack in Iowa.
113. Minn. Revenge of the Wild Turkeys
114. Leash laws pave way for turkeys.
115. Newport, KY turkeys block doors.
116. Turkeys of New York City
117. Dogs drafted as Bird Flu Detectives
118. Gobbler Scratches Cop Car 119. Longbeard Highway Patrol
120. Turkey likes Trooper (3 videos, on the left)
121. Insurance doesn't cover turkeys flying through living room windows.
122. "We have too many turkeys. I'm afraid they'll get a disease."
123. Miss Turkey Capital of America
124. First KY fall season with dogs.
125. DNR recommends a broom, walking stick or dog when turkeys peck.
126. Too many hens, too few gobblers.
127. Dogs closest relative is grey wolf.
128. Three turkey species in WA state.
129. There are turkeys all over the place.
130. Dog saves boy from drowning.
131. Coyotes the reason for no gobbling.
132. Governor Jeb Bush signs Florida bill allowing dogs to eat in restaurants.
133. Idaho turkey eats at truck stop.
134. Kentucky turkey dies in sleeping compartment of semi tractor.
135. Wild turkeys survive snow, cold and wolves of northern Minnesota.
136. Wild turkey roosts on top of drug store near Boston.
137. Manhattan Wild Turkey Hedda Gabler's destiny is to be set free.
138. Turkeys cause traffic congestion on Massachusetts Route 128.
139. Turkey and 14 poults disrupt traffic between Wash. D.C. and Annapolis MD.
140. Turkeys voted more difficult to hunt than everything except sheep and goat.
141. Turkeys as mean as grizzly bears.
142. Beagles' call to 911 saves owner.
143. Everything you ever wanted to know about turkeys.
144. Dog saves child from 2 story fall.
145. Spaniel sniffs out threatened species of bumblebees.
146. Chinese government kills 50,000 dogs, pays their owners 63 cents each.
147. NWTF plate offends Ohio DMV.
148. Man Saves Dog from Bear Attack.
149. Non-hunters thinking like hunters.
150. Airplane hits 2 wild turkeys at Washington Dulles International Airport
151. From 1980 to 2003, the wild turkey population increased 12.7% a year (pdf).
152. Urbana, Illinois Mayor Prussing's proclamation honors 3 menacing turkeys.
153. Lexington, MA wild turkey tale likened to episode of 'The Twilight Zone'
154. Archaeologists find 1000 year old South American indigenous dog burials.
155. Rare Silver Phase Gobbler a Hunt To Remember for this 17 year old.
156. Downtown Pittsburgh turkey scat burning the lawns.
157. Kansas fall turkey hunters and their dogs are allowed 4 turkeys in the season.
158. West Highland Terrier flushes Turkey through Jake's window.
159. VA Nurse Practioner battles depression with companion dog Rx.
160. Turkeys chase geese out of their Oregon pumpkin patch - Video.
161. Wild Turkeys wait for Thanksgiving Train in Ramsey, New Jersey.
161. Gigantic ancient birds swallowed prey the size of dogs  in one gulp.
162. Dog knows 200 words of human language.
163. Bird knows 950 words of human language - that explains why turkeys aren't fooled by hunters calls.
164. Lost dog travels 1300 miles from Colorado to Tennessee. Video
165. Wondering what breed your crossbred turkey dog is? Click here.
166. Dogs that can't chase turkeys might need antidepressants to cope in L.A.
167. Pain medication, steroids & massage therapy for kinky NY turkey neck.
168. Friendly border collie - Irish setter farm dog likes Wisc. wild turkey poults.
169. Insidious cat parasite affects human behavior on a mass scale.
170. Family saves pup from animal shelter, adult dog saves man from bear.
171. Police dog with college degree is paws for concern in Fostoria, Ohio
172. Wild Turkeys are Stranger than Bigfoot or UFO on Minnesota campus.
173. Vermont wild turkey severely injures, nearly kills girl on motorcycle.
174. Greenwich Village turkey made famous by #116 & 137 still lives! Video.
175. Gigantic 3000 lb. prehistoric Chinese turkey ancestor dug up. Picture
176. Wild turkey population is growing at a rate of 14 percent a year.
177. Controversial deer dogs in Virginia consider FL, SC and GA models.
178. Colorado Chihuahua saves 1 Year Old Baby from Rattlesnake Bite
179. Bolivian hunting dogs with double noses called Pachon Navarro in Spain since the Conquistadors.
180. Dog's nose can detect cancer with 220 million smell receptors in their nose (people have about 5 million).
181. Dog leads searchers and rescues his owner lost in the New Hamsphire woods.
182. National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation
183. WI DNR turkeys from 1976 bother drivers in Rhinelander subdivision.Turkey overpopulation in Rhinelander WisconsinGreen Bay WI turkeys
184. The Hunt by Earl Hamner.
Earl talks about writing that story.
Watch the Twilight Zone tv show.
185. Oneida turkey hunter must hit road with dogs.
186. The Dog Days of Turkey Hunting in Wisconsin
187. Fall turkey hunting is generally more difficult than the spring version.
188. Aggressive turkey in Minneapolis suburb Blaine, MN is a problem.
189. Wis. tests use of dogs - turkey hunters discover a rare breed of help.
190. WI man takes care of CO mountain lion thrashing his chained up dog.
191. One of the best ways to hunt turkeys in the fall is with a trained dog.
192. Conserving Hunters by National Geographic Magazine.
193. Transplanted wild turkeys haunting Davis CA cemetery to be retransplanted.
194. Police say: "Stay away from the turkeys in Boston suburbs" (Ref. #136)
195. 1st time WI turkey hunters can use dogs, it's like an orchestra of turkeys. Pic
196. Turkeys with attitude pompously ignore motor vehicles on Staten Island.
197. Nevada writer wants his Jack Russell Terrier to hunt turkeys.
198. Turkey Capital of WI - fall hunters travel light and like casual Romance
199. There's Turkey Dogs, and then in MN there are Dog Turkeys.
200. Abe Lincoln had a turkey named Jack and a dog named Jib. (IE only)
201. VA has so many turkeys you can pass up the young ones.
202. Dog who taught turkey to escape accused of aiding and abetting.
203. Train your turkey dog for sniffing Bed Bugs in the off season
204. Back in the sixties Roanoke Rapids NC hunters used specially trained dogs.
205. 40 lb. turkeys lust after postal workers legs in Madison WI city limits.
206. Dixie dogs become Yankees from 2003 through 2008
207. wild turkey hen is shocked police kill her gobbler on Martha’s Vineyard.
208. Hunter contracts malaria in Guatemala on Ocellated turkey hunt.
209. Psychotherapists admit preferring
 dogs to humans is very reasonable.
210. Chinese authorities order dogs off the menu. (similar to #146 above). Picture
211. Big turkey dogs are not licenseable in China.
212. Reminscent of Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, but now it's TURKEYS
213. Trained dogs jump from high altitudes to fight wars.
214. Boykin spaniel serves dual purpose for Pennsylvania hunter.
215. WI turkey hunt going to the dogs
216. Penn. turkey hunting ever evolving
217. West Virginia fall turkey hunter Gene Blackshire video.
218. Greyhound hurt by Wild Turkey
219. Chinese dog toy destroys dogs tongue like vacuum cleaner. Mfr. recall.
220. FDA cautions consumers: Chinese chicken dog treats making dogs sick.
221. Suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder.
222. Road hunter kills eighteen year old goose hunter in a blind
223. A small amount of the sugar substitute Xylitol can be deadly to dogs
224. Dog trained to detect peanut allergies.
225. Turkeys popping up in Newark, New Jersey
226. New Hampshire dog humiliated in front of everybody for barking at birds.
227. On the edge of common sense: Rush Limbaugh deserts to the Dark Side
228. Hunters advised to unleash turkey dogs in pasture to prevent cattle goring.
229. PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women EXPOSED (Video)
230. Australia dog recognises more than 340 words and your dog can too.
231. 15 y.o. dog saves unconscious 94 year old man who slipped and fell on ice.
232. BBC stops televising prestigious dog show because of inbreeding concerns.
233. Aboriginals buried prehistoric dog skeletons along the James River in VA.
234. In Moscow, Russia 35,000 stray dogs keep the city rat population down.
235 Blue Merle Australian Shepherd completes Baja 500 on motorcycle.
236. Copenhagen Denmark dogs smell money for the Skat (tax) collector.
237. Boykins great companions on the hunt and on living room rug.
238. Boykin is keen hunter, fine family pet
239. Turkey dogs responsible for the safety of the fastest cats on the planet.
240. Turkeys rule the roost in Port Washington, Wisconsin
241. Turkey caught breaking and entering police officer's living room.
242. Chinese dog better than ginseng.
243. Dogs 'mimic movements of owners'
244. Dog seeks help from neighbor after owner collapses
245. Pennsylvania turkeys chase dog
246. Kansas Hunters flocking to buy Fall Wild Turkey Permits.
247. It seems hardly anyone hunts fall turkey in Missouri anymore.
248. Daddy had a Welch hound that would flush them just like a turkey dog.
249. Ten week old Lab hears the birds coming & points out their direction.
250. Look what happens when you release domestic turkeys into the wild.
251. Turkey hunters may transport firearms on Amtrak effective 12/15/10
252. Fear of Guns defined: Hoplophobia Read John Dean 'Jeff' Cooper's Quotes
253. Loyal dog waits for the afternoon train, every day for 10 years. Similar to Greyfriars Bobby.
254. 800 lb. Motorcycle no match for a 20 lb. turkey. Newspaper   TV
 255. Motoryclist kills N. Wis. wolf.
But WI Wolf killed Motorcyclist.
256. Women's Outdoor News tells Mossberg and Mossy Oak WTG.
257. Beloved mutt Owney-mascot for U.S. Rail Mail honored w/Stamp.
258. Sniffer dogs & passenger profiling is better than intrusive & ineffective full body scans.
259. 90 to 110 lb. dogs pull ice sleds on patrol for 12,000 miles in 5 years, sleep outside in -60F.
260. Flea & Tick Products Cause Serious Harm to Dogs? 261. One man and his 13 dogs
262. New Jerseys wild turkey problem (see 82, 161, 225 above)
263. Loyal dog sleeps on masters grave for the last 6 years.
264. Treating a dog like a dog.
265. Turkeys gone wild.
266. Boykins as turkey or turtle dogs. 267. LPDV killing turkeys in 17 states from ME to CO. 268. A whole pack of Ontario, Canada dogs.
269. 30 miles from Manhattan, wild turkey gangs come out of the woods and terrorize the natives. 270. ‘They’re Worse Than Dogs. They’re Dangerous’: Wild Turkeys Taking Over In Toms River
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