Here are some pictures of us hunting turkey November 27, 2002.
Magnum is related to Zeke. Magnum is two and a half years old now (June '04).
They both come from the finest turkey dog lineage in the world - John & J.T. Byrnes kennel.
Listen to the song written by Michael Fitch and performed by the Buskars, honoring the Legend of John Byrne
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One dog, one man, one blindOne dog, one man, one turkeyOne dog one turkey
There is so much misunderstanding when it comes to turkey dogs and I guess it all comes from not knowing.
People need to understand that a turkey dog to a turkey hunter, is just like a bird dog to a bird hunter, or a lab to a duck hunter.
They are not in the group of dogs we consider running dogs, which I realize have disturbed many a hunter including myself.
Another thing that just came to mind is that not all turkey dogs bark when they flush.
And there are alot of good turkey dogs out there that don't bark, but will find and flush with the best of them.
It is just a big plus if they do bark, so that you know they are flushing turkeys.
A lot of times on a flush, you don't see any birds but your dog has barked,
then you can know that he flushed birds and set up to call them back.
In HIM, 'Deadeye' Tommy Barham, Capron, VA. Member of the Primos® Prostaff since 1992.
Deadeye tragically passed away September 20, 2023. Had never been sick a day in his life. Married to Phyllis for 48 years. 
Tommy made a difference right up to the end. Made his last $10 Annual Membership Renewal 8 days before he died too.
Rest in Peace Ira Thomas Barham.
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