"I've been fall hunting with dogs for many years and was one of those responsible for legalizing dogs in Ohio in 2000.
I took one of my shorthairs from my shooting preserve, and trained her to bust turkeys.
Morgan is not much of a barker, but she gets the job done." Read the story about Morgy's Turkey
Morgy the turkey dog4 Hunters,
1 turkey dog, 4 turkeysMarlin and Harry with Morgan's turkey
 "I also make box and paddle calls that kee kee. These are the calls we use at Turkey Trot Acres in the Fall."
 Look at Marlin's turkey call hunting brochure below, or view the complete pdf (Right Click - Save As, then Open).
Marlin Watkins custom turkey
callsMarlin Watkins turkey call
brochure page 1
"I called these ten turkeys (below) with the kee kee run Marlin taught me on his paddle call.
He has the best explanation on his video tape (comes with each call) of any I've seen or heard.
Plus the video has some of the best turkey dog footage ever captured." Jon Freis

Bid on Marlin's custom made turkey calls (when available) on eBay. Marlin's Trumpet Calls pictured on the right.
Learn more about how they hunt turkey in the fall with dogs - read Marlin's 2002 Ohio Fall turkey hunting story.
kee kee run gets
them coming fastBoat paddle turkey
call by Marlin WatkinsHand-made Turkey
call by Marlin WatkinsTrumpet Turkey Calls
"We hunted the last nine days in Ohio and we killed nine turkeys.
My new John Byrne turkey dog puppy "Keekee" did an outstanding job.
So did old Morgan and she even barked a little more than normal.
Picture below with turkey dogs Morgan and Keekee, along with friends from
Pennsylvania and Georgia who joined us for an Ohio fall turkey hunt.
The Pennsylvania boys were surprised by what little people could get by with in Ohio, but the
Georgia boys thought Ohio's most northern Appalachian county was pretty high living." ;-) Marlin 10/17/05
2007 Ohio Youth Turkey Hunt with Marlin Watkins Part 1
2007 Ohio Youth Turkey Hunt with Marlin Watkins Part 2
How to Call a Fall Turkey from Field and Stream
Marlin Watkins and his turkey dog
KeeKeeNever Spoil Your Turkey DogOhio
fall turkey hunt
Pete Clare sent this song written by Michael Fitch and performed by the Buskars, honoring the Legend of John Byrne
Fall 2007 - Gray phase hen PA callmaker Ralph Snodgrass and I got in Ohio. In WI with Jon Freis, Jeremy Berna, Keekee and Keena:
Gray phase Ohio
wild turkey henCalling WI turkeys with Marlin Watkins paddle
callMarlin Watkins Trumpet Call2007 WI
Fall Turkey Dog Hunt
Marlin Watkins (330) 223-2683 PO Box 100 Summitville OH 43962
Photos 2004 - 2007 Marlin Watkins. Send an e-mail.
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